Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Singin' Storytime Puppy

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Let's take a look at Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Singin' Storytime Puppy. He responds to a lot of things. He is pretty heavy and may slide by surface. I would probably just keep it on the floor or the carpet or something really he won't fall of. He does make a lot of noise when your child moves him around. He does little random things when you knock him. But he also has a little story book that will do things which corresponds with foot touches and on the feet there are little buttons and one is for a story and the other is for some music and the story corresponds to the book page on his belly. If you turn the page the story will change. And he also sings songs and the songs aren't too bad :) and he is not too annoying :) Overall it's pretty good in the reality as an educational tool and he does do some prompting to ask a child something like "what colors they see around the house". So it's a fun little toy and you should keep it far from the table surface as it can slide away from it.

The Laugh & Learn Story Surprise Puppy will delight baby as he comes to life with big arm motion, head nods and rocking action. With 6 sung songs, 6 stories & additional phrases baby will learn about ABCs, counting & numbers, first words, colors, friendship and greetings! Puppy is full of fun with 2 modes of play that are activated by pressing his feet 1.) Stories & 2.)Music. Select the story paw to hear stories in a playful, rhythmic manner about colors, counting and friendship. Select the music paw to listen to rockin' learning songs about playing inside and outside the house! Baby can also flip the book page to unlock more content. Puppy has a roly poly base so when baby bats at Puppy he pops back up for lots of laughing fun. And that's not all, there is also a light-up book worm character to keep baby engaged.

Baby’s senses will be delighted by the playful stories and songs of this silly, wobbly, bat-at puppy and his light-up bookworm friend. Press Puppy’s feet to bring him to life—he moves his arms and nods his head along to stories, songs and phrases. Two modes of play include playful, rhythmic stories about colors, counting and friendship or learning songs about playing inside and outside the house.

They grow up so fast!

It's amazing how a significant growth and development occurs during the first year of baby's life, "- said Dr. Deb Weber, director of the Division of Child Development of Fisher-Price." In six months, most toddlers are just beginning to sit. A few months later they were trying to take the first steps. It takes a little more time, and they confidently run. The development of cognitive skills are just as fast. "

Our toy designers pay much attention to a comprehensive understanding of the process of development and maturation of kids and take into account the results obtained in the development of toys. For example, a toy from the series "Laugh and Learn".

Use how kids learn

Prior to submission to market products from the series "Laugh and Learn" in 2004, Fisher-Price has devoted a lot of time to research and product testing. As a result, we came to a simple but important conclusion - children learn and comprehend new best when they feel comfortable, "at home". This idea was a runaway success, and Scientist puppy and his friends have become favorite toys of children.

Ten years ago, did not exist yet "smart" devices, tablets, or streaming on your TV or laptop. It was impossible to program the digital video recorder to record your favorite show. Or upgrade your favorite application (does anyone even know what 'app'?) At the touch of a button, as it can easily be done today.

Novelties time

We have set our team of product design task of developing new and improved products in honor of 10-year-old line of the anniversary of "Laugh and Learn". Since isledovanija played an important role in the development of the original product line of this series, we again turned to families with children for help. We found that the children have not changed over the past 10 years - but the parents have changed considerably. Now they expect from adaptive content products. They like to get an instant response. For them, it is important that toys are durable.

The latest breakthrough

Introducing Smart Stages technology ( "Smart steps"), which is now equipped with some toys from "Laugh and Learn" series. Songs, phrases and sounds at different stages of the game correspond to the current level of development of the baby - so these toys "grow" with your child. To change the level of training sufficient to transfer switch. "This is a wonderful and exciting new stage in the development of toys that captivate and entertain the kids, allowing them to do endless new discoveries as they grow", - says Dr. Weber.